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Educate Nepal is a non-governmental & non-profitable Organization operating since 2010 to provide education to the poor, vulnerable, and backward communities who are deprived of a fair and equal education opportunity. We ensure all children receive pre-primary and basic education and to improve quality living and life skills development. Education is a fundamental Human Right. Over the last 20 years, Nepal has made progress in education significantly. However, Nepal still faces many challenges to tackle. Issues that continue in education are poor quality and inequity in access to education, the remoteness of the area, gender, and ethnic differences.

Our History

Nepal is a small country of 29 million people situation between China and India. Nepal remains one of the least developed countries in Asia and ranks 144th out of 188 countries in the UN Human Development Index. According to the Asian Development Bank, about 25 percent of the population exists on less than USD $1 per day. At the beginning of the 1950s, education in Nepal was still an exclusive privilege of wealthy elites. Women were discriminated against and discouraged from attending schools. But now much progress has been made. Most Nepali Youths today have better educational opportunities than their parents. But still, the rate of dropouts remains higher than admitted rate. This is due to children who come from poor families or live at great distances from the schools. Children from poor families have to quit school early to help their family to survive.

Keeping this in mind Educate Nepal was born. Nepal still lacks quality and equity education. Many poor, vulnerable and backward communities do not get the right to education or are not educated about the importance of it. Educate Nepal is there to ensure that all children should get equal education opportunity no matter where or who they are.


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